Valley of the Birds


I began brewing roughly 30 years ago using as many locally sourced ingredients that I could find. I grew up in Venezuela in a region named Turgua, loosely translating to “Valley of the Birds”. This region had many exotic fruits and varietals with which to experiment. The economic and political climate in Venezuela didn’t allow me to stay in my home country feeling secure. When I chose Asheville and the beautiful Fairview area to make my permanent home I yearned for land and terrain and a climate that made me feel at home again. Here it is where I found my home. The land features a humble building that I have turned into 3 barrel system with a tasting room. I have acres that already had established apple, cherry and hazelnut trees, and mature blueberry bushes. I added pawpaw and chestnut trees, chokecherries, raspberries, strawberries, goumi berries, and kiwis. We have inoculated logs with shiitakes, reishi, lion’s mane, and blue oyster mushrooms. We tend a garden with cooking herbs as well as medicinal herbs and multiple gardens for raising food for just good eats. We love to live simply, organically, buy locally and sustainably.

~Phil, Owner/Brewer/Farmsteader